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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tara and I went to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument Lava Cast Forest yesterday. This is a very interesting place where volcanic lava flowed through a forest thousands of years ago. Now all of the trees have died and decayed... all that is left are holes in the lava where the trees used to be. The 9 mile access road is still incredibly snowy... I don't recommend going this time of year. The views of the cascade mountains were quite incredible.


Tara and I really enjoy shooting weddings. We shoot every wedding from 2 angles. This captures twice as many special moments. Along with shooting the actual wedding, we enjoy shooting engagement photos, the rehearsal dinner, and the reception. We custom design every wedding package around the wants and needs of each couple.

Baby Portraits

A few months ago, Tara and I had a very fun portrait shoot with a very beautiful little girl. We spent several hours with the family and got tons of great outdoor and studio shots. This is my favorite shot because it really shows off her big blue eyes.

Friday, March 26, 2010


In the past few months, we have done lots of portrait shoots. We really enjoy shooting on location. The home environment around the subject helps to show more personality in the photos. If clients want to do an indoor photo studio shoot, we invite them to our home studio. We have all the studio backdrops and strobe lights set up in our house. We also have tons of great views of the Cascade Mtns. from our property. We are able to take incredible portraits outside - as can be seen in the photo with the sunset in the background.

Supper Time for Sled Dogs

Lenny and all of the dogs in my sled dog kennel ran free around my property all day... Around 4 pm., Lenny picked up his dish and let me know that it was supper time. I hooked up all of the dogs to their houses (I can't feed them when they are all running around - they steal food from each other) and Lenny refused to drop his dish until I brought him food. Of course, I had to get this photo before I gave him food. He is a very intelligent and friendly dog.

Grizzly Bears and Moose of Alaska

3 years ago, my dad and I spent 9 days in Alaska. I came home with thousands of great animal photographs. The grizzly bears were shot at Brooks Camp within Katmai National Park. The Moose was shot at Denali National Park. This summer, we are going back to Katmai and Denali. This time we are camping overnight in both places. I am really hoping to get some shots of the more timid animals that only come out after all the tourists have gone back to their hotels. All of these Alaska Animal photos (and hundreds more) are for sale...e-mail me if you are interested.

Oregon Chipmunk at Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Last summer, I had the pleasure of camping on Paulina Lake at the top of Newberry National Volcanic Monument. One morning, I met the luckiest resident of Central Oregon. This chipmunk has beachfront property on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. He was kind enough to let me get a few photos of him as he enjoyed the view from his back deck - a stump.

Oregon Mountain Photos - Three Sisters

A visitor to my blog e-mailed me about the logo photo at the top of the page. I took this photo from my back yard last fall. This view is the reason for the name of my photography company. The logo photo was not retouched for color in any way. Central Oregon sunsets over the Cascade Mountains are completely incredible! I took another popular 3 Sisters Mountian photo a few years back... I captured the moon setting over the mountains at dawn. This photo was also taken from my back yard. Both of these photos are available for sale. They make incredible large prints!

Birds of Denali National Park

Willow Ptarmigan (Alaskan Chicken) and Mew Gull. Taken 3 years ago in Denali National Park. I really look forward to my return to the park this July! (Posted just for Amber... my bird photographing relative).

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oregon Coast

Tara, Ali, and I just returned from a wonderful weekend at the Oregon Coast. We have a favorite beach. As you can see in the photos, we had some wonderful weather... and Ali was in heaven!

Ubiquitous Dance Recital

A couple of weeks ago, I shot the Ubiquitous Dance Company Diversity Recital. It was a fantastic showcase of the talent in Central Oregon. This photo is one of my favorites from the shoot. No colors were adjusted when I processed this photo... The dancer was stretching on stage before the final dress rehearsal. The light tech was practicing all of his light cues... Magically, this photo was created. You can see the rest of the photos at the site listed at the top of this blog.

Welcome to the official Cascade View Photography Web Page!

HI. Many people have been encouraging me to start a photo web page. For three years we have been using our web store ( as our main web page. Finally, we have bought our own domain name and have started this page. On this page, I will post some of the best shots of each photo gig my wife and I complete. You can look into purchasing the photos posted here at our web store. I hope you enjoy!